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Project Revolution [DM Race | Easy DM Race ...]
playapascal15Date: Saturday, 2015-11-07, 2:48 AM | Message # 1
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[align=center]Hello Community,
Project revolution is a TDM server, based on a selfmade.
Has approximately 3,500 maps the server and script have technically 6 finished modes, but only 4 modes (DM race, easy DM race, base jump, and Deathmatch) can be used.
Project revolution is a new generation of TDM and specifically on DM and easy DM racing.[/align]

[align=center]>> Team <<[/align]

 [tabmenu][tab='Owner']• R3Dwine
• Shark (Co-Owner)

[tab='Lead Moderator']• asTroN
 [tab='Global Moderator']-
 [tab='Game Moderator']• Tobeei
• Xer0
• AirMake
 [tab='Server Moderator']• Suiizid.
• ChanZzer
• xskillhaze[/tabmenu]

[align=center]>> Features <<[/align]


[tab=Map loader]The map loader includes ca 3,000 lines and made as include.
This allows loading maps, remove the maps with a new map as well as spawn points, sync, and pickups.

[tab=Dynamic Clan System]Can clan InGame created/deleted and edited it to be stored in the database.
There are clan points, clan rank (1-6) and they have a clan tag. This clan tag as well as the clan name in the statistics displayed.
To have to write even a chat about what each other they.

[tab=Donator System]For donator, there are different ranking (1-4).
You can use different functions.
For this, I count all functions that are for donor:

• Cartext on the trunk and door
• Siren, Dolphin on the head
• different many free map tickets login
• VIP Chat
• Rainbow color (There, the colors change each 750 milli seconds of the vehicle)

>> but the donor still not Kaufbereit is da status this system is still evolving <<

[tab=IRC System]The IRC system is used that can be written in a different language or you are still not publicly on the server for clan

[tab=Challenge System]You can play with other users via a custom amount. Example way DM race or easy DM race.
As soon as the enemy is dead money will be credited to the winner (who is still alive).

[tab=Ban System]As soon as a player is banned, his IP will be banned address and his serial.
With the ban can he no longer on the server connect until he unbanned was.
Sure, you can bypass this system but not everyone is so smart. :thumbup: 

[tab=Top Times]You should be racing or easy DM Racing reach Hunter and the top time at DM of the top is 5 better than one attributed this user on the top time list.
There is much there not to explain.
This system and design is still being revised.[/tabmenu]

[align=center]>> Server <<


The Severstart is on 11/08/2015 (Sunday) at 5:00 PM

Startbonus: $15.000 + 3 Tage Donator Status 4

Server Adresse:
Forum: Have unfortunately still won't we run the days come.

We're sorry if not much text is in the server advertising but much there is unfortunately not to tell.
I hope you liked our server advertising and hope that their Sunday a part of that community.

Sorry for my bad english[/align]
SAMP/PAWNO FORUM » SA-MP Server Support » Server Advertisements » Project Revolution [DM Race | Easy DM Race ...]
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