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[ENG]Fuse-Gaming Roleplay.[Custom Script][Refund]
teganmorrison99Date: Saturday, 2015-12-12, 4:41 AM | Message # 1
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Fuse-Gaming started as a small community with a group of friends and two ambitious individuals who wanted to make a change for the better and build a roleplay environment which wasn't only unique in it's kind but also would feel warm and welcome.

The vision for Fuse was clear and simple, we wanted to build a community where everyone is free to express their self's and could play and enjoy the game in a fair matter, we wanted to create a place where everyone is seen as equal, we also believe that new people to the roleplay world should have a fair chance on developing their skills and knowledge and that more experienced role players have all freedom to make something special out of their

roleplays. That's why Fuse is a very friendly community where everyone can enjoy their time regardless if you are a beginner or a expert. 

We also have a wonderful hard working and dedicated staff team who created a strong bond with the community and are committed to their players, these people are the face of Fuse and make sure everyone who enters our world will feel warm and welcome, they will always provide you with the assistance and support if needed, but also are free for nice a chitchat to get to know each other.

I believe the reason why set our self's apart from other servers is of course our unique and custom made script, our vision and goals, our approach, and the fact we are all connected with a strong friendship.

Because we have a custom script we have a lot of cool things to offer.

We have the following features.

-Unique stats system, which contains Hunger,Thirst,Happiness,Hygiene.

-Unique inventory system, in here you can find your skins, food and drinks, toolboxes and etc.

-Unique faction system, where you are able to create your own ranks and permissions.

-Unique MDC Dialog System, where you need to register with a username and a password for use!

-Unique faction upgrade system, such as gun stock heal and armor!

-Unique level and stats system.

-Unique side factions such as hackers and hitman, this you can do a long side a faction you can hack things like CCTVs, circuits, doors, gates, ATMs.

-Unique medical kits system

-Unique robbery system.

-Unique vehicle system with the possibility to pick lock and wire cars, not even police cars are safe!

-Unique CCTV systems, there a several CCTV camera's around town that record every movement you make!

-Unique Vehicle alarm system with 3 levels.

-Unique Smartphone feature!

-Custom made Jobs.

-Custom made house and business system.

-Custom interiors.

-Custom mappings

-Custom VIP system with 3 levels and great extra's!

-Custom marriage system

-And so much more!

We have a really awesome factions system.

You are able to create your own ranks, give each person their own level of permission 2-1-0.

As a leader you can use /tftog to enable or disable, color tag, faction chat, lock/unlock faction door. 

Illegal factions have the possibility to get a gunstock and a way to provide health and Kevlar vests these are both upgradeable how higher the level the better it gets!

These are the factions we currently have.

1. Los Santos Police Department 

2. San Andreas Security Agency 

3. Federal Bureau of Investigation 

4. San Andreas Army 

5. Los Santos Fire and Medical Department 

6. San Andreas Government

7. Grove Street 

8. Ballas 

9. The Bontanos Industry 

10. Los Santos Vagos 

11. Los Aztecas 

12. Corleone 

13. Petrov

We have great jobs with a good salary!

Every job has it's own special function!

This is a list of our current jobs.

1. Public Service Driver 

2. Carjacker 

3. Trucker 

4. Thief 

5. Pizzaboy 

6. Gun Dealer 

7. Mechanic 

8. City Cleaner

There is way more to our server then I described in the ad, If I did what is left for surprise? I would say give it a shot and come visit us! And see for yourself how great our community is! what are you waiting for? Also all new players will be given a starter package to welcome them to our server! We are also hiring faction leaders!

See you there!

On behalf of the whole Fuse-Gaming Community I would like to thank you for your time.


Fuse-Gaming Roleplay!

New Script made from scratch with uniqe features!

Feel free to check out!


SAMP/PAWNO FORUM » SA-MP Server Support » Server Advertisements » [ENG]Fuse-Gaming Roleplay.[Custom Script][Refund] (Fuse-Gaming 0.3.7)
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