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IBP Roleplay - We're back!
iboozeibpDate: Saturday, 2016-07-09, 3:47 AM | Message # 1
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IBP:RP Ventrilo Server

IBP Roleplay (2009-Present day)
IBP Role Play is an old server and holds a known place in the SA-MP community. The seeds for the server were planted back in 2009, when two close friends came together to create the best SA-MP server out there. They were called Navo and GuSo. GuSo took the responsibility of coding a great script for the server with new and exciting features that would keep players happy and then also update it every now and then to constantly bring something fresh to the community. Navo on the other hand went the route of handling the forums and selecting a staff team that could administrate the server. Players flooded in and the server grew to be just what they had hoped for, this went on until 2014 when the community shut down for various reasons. 

Fast forward to 2016. Navo and GuSo meet up and discuss the revival of IBP as they had seen and heard that a lot of the old players in the IBP community were hoping for the server to come back. They listened to their prayers and decided to re-open IBP Role Play. And here we are, IBP Role Play returning to its former glory.

What is IBP Roleplay?
As aforementioned, IBP Roleplay a SA:MP Gaming community, primarily revolving around the roleplay aspect of the modification on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. IBP Roleplay follows a strict set of rules, for the forums, ventrilo and the server! We strongly suggest that you read these rules before playing, to ensure that you know what not to do, and what you should try to do. The rules are designed as a guideline for all the new players so that we can create the best role play experience out there, together.

Role Play standards?
On IBP, we have always held a very high role play standard. We make sure to run a community that's always fair and fun for everyone. If you are an experienced role player, this is the right place for you. If you are a novice role player you are very welcome as well but always make sure to read all of the rules to make sure that you have the smoothest role play experience as possible.

Great! Where can I sign-up?
When you wonder where to sign up, it varies as to where you wish to sign up! IBP Roleplay has many different servers, hosting different clients to allow easy communication throughout the community. You can always join us on the IBP forums ( to check it out before heading in game and registering your first character! (server ip:

What about the features?
IBP Role Play has one of, if not the best scripts out there for any SA-MP role play server. When you play on IBP Role Play you can rest assured that all the new possibilities of each new SA-MP version that are able to enhance our role play experience are being used and implemented into the IBP Role Play server.

Weapon System
    On our server, the weapon system is very realistic. First of all, it is very hard to acquire a weapon if you have no contacts. The official factions have privileges that make them able to buy narcotics and weaponry from out of state and then bring it into Los Santos. If you wish to buy a weapon or narcotics you must first find the right person, in character wise. As I already mentioned, our weapon system is very realistic which means that your weapon won't hold 999 bullets. Instead it will hold as much as the magazine for your weapons holds and whenever it is empty, you must replace it with a new one. Whenever you wield a large weapon such as an assault rifle, it will be shown to everyone, so you have to be careful how you transport your weapons, just like in real life. With our weapon system you are able to place your weapon anywhere on your body to make it look cooler. But of course, having your weapon on display in public, might not always be the best idea.

Inventory System
    IBP Role Play has the easiest and the best looking inventory system on SA-MP. It is really easy to manage and always works. In your inventory you store items such as cigarettes, weapons, beer and everything else that is possible to acquire on the IBP Role Play server.

    Are you obsessed with music? Fear no more. In IBP you can always listen to music if you feel like it. You can listen to music on your MP3, play it from your car stereo or you can purchase a boombox and play music in public, for everyone to hear.

    In IBP you can not only purchase a house, you can also manage it thoroughly. You can furnish your house to your own liking and with our vast selection of furniture, making something realistic and cool is as easy as it comes. And if you're a bit of a criminal, you can store illegal items such as narcotics and weaponry in your residence.

    Buying a vehicle on IBP is really simple. You go to the dealership, choose what vehicle and what color you want it to be, show them your money and you've got it. Great isn't it? And with your vehicle there are lots of things you can do. Wish to share your vehicle with your friends? Give them a spare key. Want to tune your car to make it look cooler? You can do that. Want to permanently park your vehicle outside of your apartment? Easy as apples. Want to store items in your vehicle? See it as done. Most of the vehicles that are available in GTA San Andreas are purchasable on the IBP Role Play server.

Promotional Videos

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thestar_arsany1Date: Sunday, 2016-07-10, 8:15 AM | Message # 2
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Added (2016-07-10, 8:15 AM)

Added (2016-07-10, 8:15 AM)

SAMP/PAWNO FORUM » SA-MP Server Support » Server Advertisements » IBP Roleplay - We're back! (Server has returned after 3 years. Come try it out!)
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