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California Role Play | Heavy | HIRING
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[CENTER]Server IP:
Teamspeak IP: Coming soon!

What is California Roleplay?[/CENTER]
California Roleplay is a new community that has recently opened. We plan to be open for a very long time, our mission is to make the players of California Roleplay feel comfortable in a Heavy Roleplay environment. We have a mature Staff Team who tries their best to ensure the safety of the community and make sure the players are satisfied being inside of a new community.

[CENTER]Why should I join California Roleplay?[/CENTER]
Good question, we have a various amount of factions in which you're able to join, these factions provide a lot of good roleplay and good times. Our community is full of players who are mature and won't provide problems. Upon joining California Roleplay you're inducted into a community full of fun, maturity, and warm-welcoming. We have fascinating features of the script that we would love to share with everyone who joins California Roleplay, we strive hard to get an active and large playerbase so help us out with that while we help you enjoy the community.

[CENTER]What features does California Roleplay provide?[/CENTER]
It's good that you ask, we have a lot of features we feel you will like, but more are seen as you come and join our friendly community!

- Furniture system so you can edit your house with furnitures as you like, we also have custom house interiors.

- Multiple jobs such as, Drug Dealer, Lawyer, Mechanic, Taxi, Fisherman, Trucker, Trash Cleaner, Crafter, Arms Dealer and Pizza Man.

- Custom radio script in vehicles, /customradiotrack URL.

- Dynamic mapping which is stored in a database so we can add mapping on the fly.

- A drug system that allows you to create any drug you want and set different side effects to it, as well as sell it to other players.

- A backpack system where players can store their items.

- A flammable system that allows you to spill fuel around and set it on fire, which would create a trail of fire if lit up from and end. The fire can be extinguished as well.

- An item system that allows you to set your items for sale if you feel like.

- A contacts system to save your contacts on your phone.

- A cheque system where your paychecks get delivered in order to sign them.

- The basketball game mode to play it on the server.

- Wall tags so you can tag on walls with a variety of colors!

- A temperature system which shows the temperatures in Celsius and in December it snows!

We also have much, much more, step by our community and you will see, we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. If you decide to come, we hope you have fun, and enjoy your stay at California Roleplay!
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