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BFC - Gaming Community - RP & DM server!
oser121111Date: Monday, 2016-05-23, 7:31 PM | Message # 1
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About Us.
Our community is a Gaming Community named "BFC Gaming" - BattleField Community Gaming".
The Battlefield Community has a privates 24/7 servers! We are enjoying this game and want offer you to those who wish to share in the fun!
Rules can be found here!
Here is our servers, ONLINE 24/7 for you!

Roleplay Server IP - - Online

BFC - RP is a Heavy roleplay server. We have friendly staff, unique features, housing and garage system, business system, car system,and a banking system. There are plenty factions to join. There’s LSPD,FBI,EMS,Los Santos Local News,Gov,SASD,and Los Santos Fire Department. There are some factions that are closed. They are Department Of Correction and The Secret Service. There are plenty of unique features on BFC - RP, such as the gambling system. There are much more commands for the gambling system. Let’s move on to the housing system. When you own a house, you can purchase a safe to store weapons, drugs, and money! You can also purchase a code for your safe so no one can steal your values! When you buy a garage, you can fix,refuel and even tune your car! You also can lock it. If you choose to buy a business, you can see your business’s products and you also need to buy products or else you wont have anything to sell! If you forget where your business is, you can always /findbusiness(will come soon). When you own a car, you can register a plate at the dealership, you can buy neon for your car at the dealership to! To get a bank account, you need to go to the bank and create one. You will be asked to make a pin. Make sure no one knows your bank pin, or else they can steal all your money!(soon)

Why should you join us?

On BFC - RP you can roleplay various things, such as a criminal, a law enforcement officer, or a normal person. We are friendly and respect each other. There are admins online 24/7, no matter what time it is there is a admin on-duty ready to help! Our community advisor’s will help you if you have any questions on the script or server. Our admins will help you if you have any problems. We have illegal factions that you can join and have fun roleplaying with! Roleplay is all over the city so you do not get bored!

How to become a faction Leader?

Well, to become a faction leader, you have to have experience and must be a good roleplayer. You apply on the forums for faction leader, there are requirements for leading a faction. Most LEO type of factions require TS3 and a working microphone. If you don’t meet the requirements you will not get the leadership.

How to join an illegal faction?

To join a one, you should roleplay around them for awhile and when the leader thinks you should be in the family, you either get jumped in or you get told your in. There are different ways family’s recruit, street gangs usually get jumped in, If you join a Mafia family it’ll be different than a street gang. You have to be a very good Roleplayer to join one or to create one. If you aren’t very good at roleplaying you’ll most likely not get in the family.

How To Become Admin?

Admins are hand-picked, do not ask to be a admin, asking to be admin lowers your chances. Helping on /newb , showing activity and respect can help increase your chances on becoming a admin. Good roleplaying can also increase your chances. If you are known around the server for good reason’s admins will notice you and mention your name to the owner of the server, the owner of the server will then notice you while you help on /newb. Admins are usually picked from the helper team.
How To Become A Helper?

Helping on /newb and being active will help increase your chances for the Head helper to notice you as you help the players. When the Head helper notices you, he’ll probably ask you some questions, he’ll then wait a day or make you a helper on the same day. Depends on how the helper thinks about you. So try to make a good expression of yourself!

Our Dynamic System

Unlike all other servers who only have a few dynamic functions, our server provides one like no other - EVERYTHING in the server is dynamic, literally. You can do many things with our dynamic system, including, but not limited to the following:

1. We have fully dynamic business systems where after you purchase a business, you can literally give it an entrance fee which you can completely edit, and you can also completely edit the prices of the items you sell from within it, along with unlike most other servers - when you join the server it is actually not nearly impossible to own a business because our businesses cost fair prices.

2. When you purchase a car from the dealership, you can change everything about it including giving it its own sick paint job, its own sick neon colors, buy it a license plate which no matter what you make up will appear on the vehicle where a license plate would appear, and even buy a normal lock for it for when you leave you can make sure no one can jack your vehicle (unless they pick the lock of it, which yes, is possible as well), or if you prefer an Electric Lock so that whenever someone attempts turning on your vehicle they will get a painful shock equivalent to a tazer's shock where they are also auto-ejected from your car and can never jack it (unless you leave it on and are gone), and you can even buy garages of different sizes for different prices throughout our world in which you can park any car you buy there for safe keeping (via "/park"), or, if you prefer, you can also just randomly park it some place throughout the city, really, the possibilities of our dynamic systems are unlimited!

3. If you have an idea for an interesting faction, you can go ahead and suggest it and if lucky get it made a possibility, in which everything about it is fully dynamic as well including giving you the ability to reserve faction vehicles for your faction.

4. Our family & faction HQ systems are also fully dynamic for if you create or own either one of those, including giving you the possibility of if a family reserving family vehicles like if a faction, and being able to have certain things you would not see anywhere else except for in faction HQs like for example card scanners which anyone who is not a part of your family or faction can't get into certain areas they are placed in.

So what are you waiting for? Join our server and get access to ALL of the dynamic systems it has to offer which basically the ENTIRE SERVER is all dynamic! Trust us, if you join us, you wont regret doing so! ESPECIALLY if you love diverse dynamic systems! When it comes to dynamics, truthfully, our server will ALWAYS be 1 OVER ALL OTHER servers in the SA-MP community! Now hurry! The dynamic systems are waiting!
Here is some Pictures in game to show you what we do offer you!ALBUM HERE
How to get started
Step 1 - The registration

1. Add this server to your favorites list. IP: . Connect to the server!

2.The registion including three parts;Putting your character password in the dialog

3.Register and go through the tutorial. Make sure you pay attention to the tutorial.
4. Register on our forums, Click hereOur website is Click hereOur Facebook Group is Click HereOur Twitter Group is Click Here
haseebsaeed686Date: Tuesday, 2016-06-07, 0:53 AM | Message # 2
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