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Zombie Multiplayer (SAMP 0.3.7)!
nguthichetchusao2Date: Friday, 2016-08-19, 2:22 PM | Message # 1
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HostName: « Zombie Multiplayer 0.2a (0.3.7) »
Player Slots: 30
Mode: (0|0) Zombie Survival
SA-MP Version: 0.3.7
Language: English
Location: Nuremberg, Germany
Host: Evolution-Host.


Zombie Multiplayer - Team Deathmatch, Survival, Zombie Vs. Human gamemode, which was originally scripted from scratch by Mellnik back in 2013. The community and the server was running shortly, due to lack of interest of further development, therefore it was shut down. So, in july 2016, it was decided to re-open the community and the server, to see the progress of the popularity and support. Of course, at the moment, the server might seem to be inactive, but it is due to that it is not listed on the hosted tab and it will be very soon. 


From the beginning, you spawn as a human and you have 1 minute left, to get armed before the infection starts. After that, it will randomly choose any human to infect. So as the human, the goal is to kill zombies as many is possible to gain statistics and survive till the end of the round. As the zombie, the goal is to infect and kill humans as many is possible to take over the humanity. There will be many different areas were to kill and survive. 


Two teams - Human & Zombie. At the moment, there are 3 types of zombies - Standart Zombie(Hit & infect.), Hunter Zombie(High jump & infect.) and Boomer Zombie (Explode & infect). Soon there will be more special zombies implemented.

MySQL saving system. Which includes player's accounts, bans and maps.

Mapchange system. There are currently 6 maps available on the server to play on. Each map system sets randomly.

And there are more features which you can come and discover by yourself.

Join Us!

We are currently seeking for experienced mappers, to create awesome new maps for the server. Also there is an vacancy for Administrator position, so if you are interested, please contact privately.

For more information, you can visit the forums - WWW.ZOMBIEMP.XYZ
SAMP/PAWNO FORUM » SA-MP Server Support » Server Advertisements » Zombie Multiplayer (SAMP 0.3.7)! (Join us!)
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