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Pure Roleplay [ENG] [Active Events]
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Server Background

Pure Roleplay is a server that was founded by former Developers and Administrators of True Roleplay, a popular server which announced it's closure on November 9th, 2015, after more than 8 years of operation. The server was quickly closed after the owner of True Roleplay announced it's return, however, it never fully returned. Pure Roleplay became independent from True Roleplay completely, including a line of new staff and players. The server operated for about three months after that, with an active development team pushing updates daily. The server was forced to close temporarily at the end of February, as I personally could not keep it up, trying to balance work, school and the server. My schooling ended about a month ago which freed up more time, and I have decided to bring back the server with some new and some old staff, as a result of being spammed with skype messages for the past few weeks of people wanting the server returned.

One of the key points to mention with Pure Roleplay is that it has always been a community based server. That being said; decisions are made by you, the player. The community has a say in large changes such as rules, factions, staff members, etcetera. The staff team tries to be as approachable as possible and is essentially on the same level as a regular user. The difference being, they have volunteered to represent a group of the community (Faction side, property side etc), as well as moderate the server and forum from toxicity and spam.

Essential Information

  • Server Type: Medium - Heavy Roleplay
  • Website:
  • Refunding: No
  • Script: Scratch made by P-RP Developers
  • Server Location: Germany
  • Roleplay Location: Los Santos

Loyalty System & How You Can Contribute

Pure Roleplay uses a Loyalty system in place of a VIP or Donation system. Players earn "Loyalty Points" from server events, donating to the server, inviting friends and much more. These points can be spent in the Loyalty Shop, which is coming to the server's UCP in the very near future. In there, you may buy items such as past event collectables, custom phone numbers, and more.

That being said, nothing in the Loyalty Shop will give a player an unfair advantage over another (Things like tradable property, money etc). In addition, most of the items in the loyalty store will be (or have been) possible to obtain in the server without the need to purchase them in the Loyalty Shop at all. This is to keep the gameplay fair and eliminate the possibility of a pay-to-win situation, as well as avoiding having to spend in game money for out of character events, such as text labels, CK name changes and more.

Server Script

The server is recently out of it's beta and bug checking phase. Most of the features included are in pretty much every roleplay script known, however, we try to take a different approach at certain aspects.

All mapping can be completed by yourself in a secondary server we have dedicated for mapping. It can then be submitted, where it will be bug and quality checked. Afterwards, it will appear in game.

We do not require an application to play, however, there is a small quiz when you register in game. We also have a Player Control Panel, where you can view your mapping, admin record, edit aspects about your character and more.

In addition, we have some interesting features, including:
  • Interactive Gun Smuggling
  • Loan System - Players can get loans from the bank (Which is a faction) to purchase property or whatever else. Everything is done player to player.
  • Official gang factions can tag walls
  • Interactive and user friendly police MDC
  • Heist system
  • Player Control Panel
  • Custom health/damages
  • Deathmode - When a player's health reaches 0, they fall unconscious and enter Deathmode. Depending on the reason for injury and location (IE a sniper head shot vs a knife to the leg), will depend on the time before the player dies.
  • Faction leaders can set player's paychecks. Instead of receiving money from the Government, you will receive it from your faction. This is in place of having to pay people manually.
  • Closely monitored and controlled economy
  • Interactive & User Friendly inventory

As aforementioned, the script is recently out of beta, some of the features listed may not be 100% complete, however they are all in the works and expected to roll out very shortly! More information on the server and what to expect can be found at our forum, at

Screenshots & Videos

Here are a few images and videos outlining the features and players of the server.

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