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Explicit Roleplay (
telltaledaniDate: Thursday, 2017-02-09, 8:06 PM | Message # 1
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General Information

Explicit Roleplay is a server that has been up for a couple of months and is growing steadily. It is ran by a team made up of competent people who have been part of the SA-MP community for a long time and who share the same passion for heavy roleplay. We have a strong desire to keep this community going and are not willing to give up on it whether it's going good or bad. Our dedicated team will do whatever we can to create the best play-scenario for our players. We do however need support from our players as there are still a lot of holes to have filled in. We're really looking forward to see you in-game!

The Roleplay

Explicit Roleplay has an unique script which is developed on every week if not almost every day where creativity and realism is featured toward roleplay. We want players to enjoy it and most of all, create as a dynamic environment as possible where the player can edit and change things themselves in-game. We always aim to have heavier level of roleplay, rather than the standard roleplay server.


We allow players to build up their own factions and let them have the freedom of choice when it comes to what type of roleplay they want to have. As for right now, we only have one official faction and we are looking forward to promote the next one as soon as possible given they have all the requirements - for more information about this, visit our forums and check out the "Unofficial" section under "Factions". As more factions appear, the requirements will be changed to stricter. Once a faction is official they gradually receive more power toward firearms and drugs control as there are multiple stages of official factions, most start off at being able to handle drugs or small firearms.


We have a lot of features implemented in our script and we like to offer the best features to our players where even the smallest details count. A lot of our features are showcased on our []youtube channel however there are a lot more features in the script than only the ones showcased. With a script growing from fifty thousand in a couple of months to seventy thousand is needless to say that it has a lot of features in it, and a lot more to come. A lot of our normal jobs are slowly turning into being faction owned for instance trucking and many of our jobs also provide both script-wise and player-wise profit in terms of roleplay and statistics. For instance transporting goods from a location to a company makes the company have stocks available so in such the script offers dependancy from many aspects.

We also have a lot of other features that you can experience when playing on Explicit Roleplay such as inventory, effects in general from bleeding, drugs and other things, as well as things like tagging system, shell casing, furniture system, bank account system, payment system, weight and fitness system, bone fracture system and a lot more! We could make a whole list of feature but we would really like players to try them by themselves and judge from their own experience instead of only reading about it.


There are many more features for you to see, but obviously, there would be no excitement for joining if we gave an insight of each one of them and not to even begin with how long this advert post would be. We are thankful to you for reading our advertisement and hopefully you will connect to the server to keep us going. We focus on quality rather than quantity, so we can assure you that the server is exactly what you have been looking for, with a staff team that actually cares and listens to their players rather than making their players look small.[/CENTER]
SAMP/PAWNO FORUM » SA-MP Server Support » Server Advertisements » Explicit Roleplay (
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