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[ENG/0.3.7] Survival Instinct [1.3.2]
djordjeplavsicDate: Saturday, 2017-02-11, 6:53 PM | Message # 1
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[center]Name Of The Server: [ENG/0.3.7] Survival Instinct [1.3.2]


-Y player menu
-Base building


Hello, I would like to introduce you English speaking server. But it is very simple to understand even if you don't speak English. Server is developing around
2 years and I can guarantee that this server is most unique Survival server you can find! Current server action happends in Red County(Blueberry, Dillimore, Montgomery, Palomino Creek) and small part of Bone County(Hunter Quarry and small part around it). Point is to collect most items you can, build base and survive. Server is still in developing phase, so you can expect many new things on the server.


Registration is very simple. All you need is to insert your password and watch a short tutorial.

Y - Player Menu

By pressing button "Y" you open your many in which you can open your inventory, craft, build base, edit base, edit your player options, upgrade skills.


We have the skills system which gives you bonuses. You can level up your skills by leveling up your character. You can level up by: cutting trees, mining rocks, killing deers etc.


On the server you can find many different resources which you can use to craft things. For the beginning, 2 most important resources are: wood and clay. With wood you can build your base and chests. But to start building you have to build totem first(it costs 100 clay). You can obtain resources by standing next to them and pressing LMB (in most cases). (in most cases).

List of resources:
-Iron and Iron Bars
-Animal Fat
-Red Iron and Red Iron Bars
-Blue Iron and Blue Iron Bars

Video of obtaining wood and clay:


You can find items in car wrecks and you can find them on the streets of Snow City (Palomino Creek). In the car wrecks you can find many clothes items, silved 9mm pistol, ammo for pistols, melee weapons, water, meds, food etc.


You can find Market on our server, where you can't do PVP and where you can sell/buy items in return for gold. Market is still new thing on our server, so you can expect changes in prices (to be balanced). Every NPC except Sale Market NPC is for buying items. In Sale market you can sell things for his selling price.

Resource Market

Doctor Market

Water Market

Food Market

Weapon Market

Sale market

Market preview:

Base Building

To start building base you have to collect 100 clay, then by pressing button "Y" you can access to Dynamic House Building, there you choose Totem. Totem will be placed on place where are you standing so better think twice when making it. After totem is made you can build 15 meters in any direction around of it. You can't move it, only delete it if somethings goes wrong!


If you have a set base, it's obvious that you already want to create a vehicle yourself. Here I'll list the two possible ways to do so. Does not matter which one you'll choose, it's highly recommended to have a garage. As when the server is shut down, all the cars/bikes that aren't in a garage are deleted. So keep an eye!

(I had to post link because I can't copy/paste more images in this thread because of forum pictures limit per post.)
So when advertising copy/paste this tutorial instead of the link!


Most important thing on the server is PVP, because if you want to survive and get rich quickest way you can, you have to kill other players and loot their items. Every time you kill someone you can loot items from his backpack. Also if you die you lose your items. You can be friendly if you want but we don't suggest you to do that. Kill or be killed!

Clans and Clan Wars

After servers update v1.3.1 we can introduce you to "Clans and Clan Wars" ! You can make clan by visiting Clan NPC at Safezone Market, clan costs 10000 gold and you have to be atleast 60+ score! After you bought clan you are set to tier 0 (clan leader) with that tier you can invite people in clan, kick them from clan, set tiers to clan members, build clan base and ofcourse fight for clan territory (turf)!
How you capture turf? Well 5 members from your clan has to come in turf which they want to capture, they have to be far enough from other bases and then they can start capturin with command /turf. Neither 1 of 5 members mustn't die or move too far from capturing point, in that case capturing is failed and to attack it again you have to wait 30 minutes! If you successfully capture a turf no one can attack it for the next 1 hour! That is a great time to use resources from that territory! For every territory you win clan gets 250 points which clan can use for clan base buidling, changing clans name and clan color. Here you can watch short preview of clans and clan wars! Enjoy!



Server description could be even better than it is, but I didn't had much time to do it better. Anyway, who likes the server join us and help us grow our community! Everyone is welcome!

Facebook page:

And this is originaly made on Balkan language, so don't think why I made "Transcription".[/center]
SAMP/PAWNO FORUM » SA-MP Server Support » Server Advertisements » [ENG/0.3.7] Survival Instinct [1.3.2] (Survival server!)
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