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uniquecreativityrpgDate: Thursday, 2017-08-24, 5:44 PM | Message # 1
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A new server with more then 41k pawno line's, very unique mod not even a copy.
Our Site : Synced site with the server 

Main Features

- The server uses its own money system called UCash (dollars are not used).

- The aim of the server is to get a job and role play to earn money.

- With money you can buy your own vehicle, skin, house and business.

- There are over 20 different job with many unique features.

- There are over 60 different items to trade in game.

- The main Bank in LS or ATM's in SF & LV can be used to give UCash, store items, cash cheques & get pay day at 6:00 every day.

- New features are regularly added to the game.


- Jobs include Police Officer, FBI Agent, SWAT Force, Criminal, Hitman, Assassin, Public Service Driver, Pilot, Trucker, Medical Worker, Firefighter, Mineworker, Prostitute, Mechanic, Engineer, Journalist, Farmer, Dock Worker & more.

- Get elected as the Mayor or Godfather of Spring-Vale with a monthly voting system.

- Side-jobs include road sweeping, pizza delivery, mowing & trash collection.


- You can buy you own vehicle (car, plane, helicopter or boat).

- Share your vehicles keys with another player, accumulate mileage on your vehicle and get it repaired if it breaks down.

- Upgrade your vehicle with a cb radio, gps system, numberplate, police radio scanner or fuel economy improvments.

- Tuneable cars can have the mods & paintjobs added or removed via a custom mod workshop.

- Speedometer supports MPH & KPH.

- Full engine, boot, bonnet & light control.

- You can listen to web radios while driving.


- Buy your own house.

- Lock or unlock your house to other players.

- Choose to respawn at your house when you die.

- Park your vehicle outside your house.

- Store items in your house.

- Houses with multiple bedrooms can be shared with other players.


- Buy your own business.

- Choose its name & opening times.

- Generate income & upgrade security.

- Watch out for robbers & the Godfather's protection racket!


- Use one of your jobs allocated skins.

- Buy your own unique skin.

- Customize your skin with accessories such as hats, masks & sunglasses.


- You can create and manage your own server clan.

- Become a member of a clan and chat privately.

- Clan tags are automatically added to players who join a clan, you cannot create an account which contains a tag.


- Shooting is lag compensated.

- Win money in the daily lottery.

- You can buy drinks at bars and take drugs bought from Farmers.

- Learn new fighting styles in Los Santos gym.

- Play roulette in the Four Dragons Casino to win items.

- Increase your gun skills in the shooting range.

- There are a large variety of animations you can use.

- We have a dedicated admin team to help out the players and create fun events.

- A server anticheat protects the players from cheaters. We do not tolerate any cheating in the server.

- The server language is English.

- Our website contains statistics of in-game skins, houses, vehicles, businesses, clans, top players & more.

- Out of character chat & full roleplay names are not used, be yourself, follow the rules and have fun!
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