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Los Santos Life Roleplay - Heavy Roleplay
mizari1211Date: Saturday, 2017-07-01, 12:27 PM | Message # 1
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Los Santos Life Roleplay
Bringing people together!

IP Address:

About us:
Los Santos Life Roleplay or LSL for short is a recently developed community brought together by a group of friends with the idea of creating something different, something fun and above all else the chance for great roleplay!  We at Los Santos Life pride ourselves on bringing the community together and allowing it to play an active role in the development of the server by posting ideas which we think is crucial so we can provide the type of server you all want!

Los Santos Life Roleplay isn't just your average roleplay server, we believe in realism and promoting realistic roleplay through a variety of ways such as creating new and interesting jobs such as Roadworks, being able to tear up the road and help make a difference.  A Unique prison system that is on-going in its development to give players something to do if they have to visit this merciless place!  Of course there are a ton of features and our variety in such things as being able to Rob an ATM, kidnapping the Mayor or even trying to bomb the city hall for ransom are all things possible here at Los Santos Life Roleplay!

We strongly believe that in order for our community to develop, we employ only the best of the best to become Administrators and helpers.  Through a carefully vetted system, we allow our players to have the potential of becoming administrators and aid in the communities direction or maybe even just giving something back to the server.  All Administrators are carefully trained and act in such a professional capacity that people may even sometimes mistake its their real world job!

Factions play a great role withing every roleplay server but here at Los Santos Life we like to allow players the chance of creating their own faction, be it a law firm, a cartel or even a towing company! Our unique faction system gives its leaders the ability to edit and make a real difference into how the faction is and through a fantastic support system from our faction Moderators, we include features each month to help improve our range of factions.

Weapon Crates:
Too often servers suffer the plague that is Death Matching, here at Los Santos Life we have a weapon crate system so that only official illegal factions have the chance to gain weapons illegally which promotes the idea of people putting in effort.  However factions should be careful incase someone tries to foil your plans and steal the crates you decide to order! Of course if you choose to try obtain weapons legally, you can always apply for a weapons license at the LSPD which even provides people who apply training on how to handle a firearm properly!

Housing Furniture/Graffiti system:
A Uniquely scripted graffiti and furniture system is available to all our players to spruce up their homes and make it more cosey or dark.  The possibilities are endless with what you can do with a wide range of decorating options!

As our community is just starting out, we are hiring helpers and faction leaders to assist in setting the way for our community however said positions are limited.  Contact John Miles for further details.

Join today, make new friends and above all else have fun!
newface857Date: Wednesday, 2017-11-29, 8:12 PM | Message # 2
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Good one but nah
SAMP/PAWNO FORUM » SA-MP Server Support » Server Advertisements » Los Santos Life Roleplay - Heavy Roleplay
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