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SAMP/PAWNO FORUM » SA-MP Server Support » Server Advertisements » [0.3.7]Old Evolution Freeroam » Stunt/DM/Race/Derby/Minigame (Freeroam server)
[0.3.7]Old Evolution Freeroam » Stunt/DM/Race/Derby/Minigame
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Server Information:

  • Server IP: (

  • Location: France

  • Website:

  • Forum:

  • UCP: coming soon


    Server Introduction:

    Old Evolution Freeroam is a continue of NEF/NGS abandoned project(It was founded by Mellnik). Old Evolution Freeroam is a SA-MP server with multiple stunt / freeroam gametypes, our developer is always doing his best to let our players enjoy!


    Server Features:

  • Gang System - You can create your own gang, invite your friends, have some gang wars against your enemies, defend your gang zones

  • Race System - You can have competition with others, the fastest racer's record is always saved!

  • Derby Minigame - Players vote for the map, the map with the most votes starts, players try to knock out each other, the last man standing wins!

  • Shooter Minigame - Players vote for a map, the map with most vote starts, players try to destroy others' vehicles by missiles, last man standing wins!

  • Fallout Minigame - Players keep running around a few objects trying their best not to fall, the last men standing after the fallout time ends, wins!

  • Team Deathmatch - Players vote for a map, the map with the most votes starts, players kill each other, the team with the most kills wins

  • Deathmatch - We have alot of Deathmatches, you can join your favorite deathmatch and kill others!

  • House System - Over all San Andreas map, you will find houses that you can buy. There are tons of houses' customizations that allows every player to find his interiors according to his taste!

  • Enterprise System - Over all San Andreas map, there are enterprises which you can buy and upgrade to earn your payday!

  • Stunts - If you want to have fun with your bike, car or even plane, there are plenty of maps just designed for this!

  • Freeroam - If you are not interested in gangs or you just want to have fun with some pals, this is the place where you can hangout!

  • Website - We also have a clean website where you can view our staff/news/bans/top players/donate made by Kaperstone!

  • VIP System - We have some amazing additional features for our VIPs, our vip price is also cheap, 15 EUR for a lifetime VIP![/ul]

    We don't want to spill all the fun, so we will look forward seeing you in-game enjoying the features you will discover as you play in no time!


    Server latest changelog:

    * Added /timeout for admins, /timeout me for players

    * Added some new achievements, new achievements:

    - Bank Millionaire (Reach 100M$ in bank)

    - SkyGod (Win 200 fallouts)

    - Shooter Master (Win 20 shooter)

    - School Nerd (Win 1000 Maths test)

    * Graph should be 100% fixed now.

    * Fixed a bug where you could load your weapon set everywhere. 

    * Added /shooter (It is a mini-game like derby but you can shoot rockets from your car.) 

    * Moved some gang zones, created new gang zones.

    * Added /bmx2 (Mapped by Ezio)

    * Fixed Mr.Troll's bank where objects used to disappear

    * You can no longer add satchels to your weapon set.

    * Adjusted anti spawn kill, it now spawns you with weapons but jails you if you shoot someone who has less than 30 hp and in spawn.

    * Added new toys

    * Added new races (Thanks to PainMaker)

    * Added /sync (Re sets your position, clears your animations)

    * Added /dspec to spec players in duel (It only works if you have more than 500 score)

    * Added /savetime to save your peronal time

    * Added /saveweather to save your personal weather

    * Added /rstw to reset your saved time and weather.

    * Fixed a bug where you could get more than 100% armour from GC shop

    * Added a command shortcut for /stopanims (/sa)

    * Removed antifall as it does not fit to OEF (There are some places which you can not teleport to with vehicles)

    * We now save the weekly gang score. 

    * Added new 90~ GC package spawn position. (Thanks to Scr1N)

    * Added commands for General Admins+ to play music for all players or stop them (You can disable getting notifications about this system and disable this system for you from /settings) 

    * Added /liveradio which allows you to listen to some live radio stations.

    * Deaths no longer count if you're doing a challenge.

    * Added a new deathmatch in LVPD interior (/dm5)

    * Removed a bugged credit market map in Los Santos.

    * Updated streamer version.



    Social Networks

    You can follow us on social networks to get the latest news!

    Thank you for reading, we're looking forward to see you in-game!

    SAMP/PAWNO FORUM » SA-MP Server Support » Server Advertisements » [0.3.7]Old Evolution Freeroam » Stunt/DM/Race/Derby/Minigame (Freeroam server)
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