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[0.3.7] Explicit Roleplay []
telltaledaniDate: Wednesday, 2016-10-12, 9:21 PM | Message # 1
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[img]SA-MP IP: See forums.


[size="2"]Explicit Roleplay, is a new server coming up soon. It is ran by a team made up of competent people who have been a part of the SA-MP community for a long time. Our dedicated staff team will do whatever they can to make it best for the players, and make the server as enjoyable as it can be. Of course we need support from the players as well, every word and suggestion will be taken into consideration. We're really looking forward to see you in-game.[/size]

[size="5"]The Roleplay[/size]

[size="2"]Explicit Roleplay has a unique script with a lot of creative, realistic features regarding the roleplay. We really want you players to enjoy it, so if you want anything added or edited, feel free to post a suggestion about it on the forums and the team will discuss it.[/size]

[size="5"]The training system[/size]

[size="2"]I'm guessing you all have been playing single player back in the days, our training system is the same. You go to Ganton Gym and start off with low weights, the more you train, the stronger you get, that's pretty obvious, which will allow you to carry more in your inventory. 

Our strength system is admittedly an essential part of our script. Boost your strength within brawls. There is also an upcoming system which allows anyone increase their stamina to run much longer. It is required that you have gym membership in order to work as much as you would like.[/size] 

[size="5"]The inventory system[/size]

[size="2"]You open it up by pressing the button "N", when you've done that a window will pop up, showing whatever you have in your inventory. Here will the keys to your vehicles, tools you buy, drugs, weapons, etc be stored. There's also a tab called "Weapon Menu", you only have that one if you have a weapon equipped. Otherwise it'll just stay in your inventory. The stronger you are, the more you can carry.[/size]

[size="5"]The weapon/damage system[/size]

[size="2"]Our well-thought weapon system allows you to carry one melee weapon, and two additional weapons on your character. This prevents players from carrying a large assortment of weapons in their inventory. Also, our developers have done their best to make the damages from melees/firearms more realistic for every weapon, to make the server even more enjoyable for the players. The damages are also causing injuries, like*if a bullet hits your leg you will not be able to run, you'll just fall over.[/size]


[size="2"]As for organized as well as unorganized in character groups, we allow players to build their own so called factions and let them have the freedom of choice when it comes to what they want to roleplay as. We have both official and unofficial factions, however only the official factions benefits from things such as firearms dealing and drugs dealing. All new groups start out as unofficial and then can work their way up to an official status of their faction, however you can read more about this on our forums. [/size]


[size="2"]We have lots of features at Explicit Roleplay and we like to offer the best features to our players. We have a lot of “usual” jobs that you can see everywhere. However, the difference is that we like to give somewhat style to our so called “usual” jobs that many other communities have. We give them effects in terms of developing jobs like trashman, miner, forklifter, bus driver, transporter professions into where you have to do something more than just driving around in a vehicle. 

We also have a lot of other features that you can experience when playing on Explicit Roleplay such as inventory, effects in general from bleeding, drugs and other things, as well as things like tagging system, shell casing, furniture system, bank account system, payment system, weight and fitness system, bone fracture system, . We could make a whole list of feature but we would really like players to try them by themselves and judge from their own experience instead of only reading about it.

[size="5"]UCP and the forums[/size]

[size="2"]Our forums is easy to understand, and it's easy to find whatever you're looking for. We have a few different sections, both IC and OOC related stuff, feel free to look through the forums! We also have a fully working UCP, where you can see your stats, like your inventory, houses, vehicles, money, and more personal information about your character.[/size]


[size="2"]There are many more features for you to see, but obviously, there would be no excitement for joining if we gave an insight of each one of them. We are thankful to you for reading our advertisement, and hopefully, you will connect to the server to keep us going. We focus on quality rather than quantity, so we can assure you that the server is exactly what you have been looking for[/size][/CENTER][/img]
shanidputhiyapurayilDate: Thursday, 2016-10-20, 9:38 PM | Message # 2
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Good server.
It have many features
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